Discovery Puglia

Puglia, the heel of the boot, stretching between Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, is the perfect destination to enjoy art holidays, Mediterranean food, sunny vacations, and Italian wine.
For just a weekend or a 4-5 days holiday, you can select what to visit among Puglia castles and archaeological sites, Lecce Baroque and Romanesque cathedrals.
Nature lovers will be amazed by Puglia caves and nature reserves, rocky and sandy beaches as much as food and wine amateurs will be delighted by Puglia Primitivo and Negroamaro, extra virgin olive oil and typical food. So, if you are planning to attend the Magnonics2019 Conference and looking for what to do next, please visit the following websites:

Once you are at the Magnonics2019, you can easily reach the city of Matera which is about 140 km from the conference location. Matera, located in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata has been awarded the title of the 2019 European Capital of Culture in Italy.