Hystory and Scopes

Magnonics 2019 is the 6th in a series of biennial conferences aimed at presenting and discussing recent achievements in both fundamental and applied aspects magnon and spin wave dynamics and nanomagnetism, putting together researchers from Universities, public Institutions and companies working in the field of Magnonics and Spintronics. Magnetic materials whose properties are tailored on the nanoscale currently offer the perspective of magnetic field controlled devices in which spin waves (magnons) are used to carry and process information. Magnonics as a research field is currently gaining momentum, attracting more and more researchers from various sub-fields of magnetism, materials science, microwave engineering, and beyond.

The workshop bring together scientists and engineers interested in recent developments in studies ranging from fundamental magnonic properties to their application in the information technologies. Particular emphasis is placed on magnetic materials with modulated properties, which by analogy to photonic and plasmonic crystals have been labelled magnonic crystals. The principle objective of the workshop and seminar is to consolidate the efforts of researchers working in the field of magnonics in order to work out new concepts leading to practical realisation of magnonic devices. Future challenges for magnonics will be identified, which will motivate younger researchers to follow the new pathways and perspectives. The event will be open to the cross-fertilization between the magnonics community and those of photonics, spin-orbitronics, spintronics and straintronics thus being useful in establishing new collaborations and providing a forum for scientific discussions within existing ones.