Student Travel Grants

All graduate and undergraduate students planning to attend the Magnonics2019 Conference can apply for IEEE grant. You do not need to be specializes in the field of magnonics to be eligible for this grant but you have to be a current student. The purpose of the grant is to help with the costs of registration fees. This is a need-based grant for students who are qualified for the School but cannot afford the cost of participation. There are 20 grants available. The application procedure is discussed below.

Application procedure:

To apply for the grant, send your CV and cover letter to:
Please put “Application: Magnonics2019 student grants” into the subject line.

  • Your cover letter should explain your interest in the Conference;
  • In the letter please provide contact information for at least one person who can write you a professional recommendation. You can list more people if you’d like;
  • The support of 200 Euro is intended to waiver the cost of the registration fee.
  • The Conference committee on grants may schedule an on-line interview to discuss your application. Successful applicants will pay a reduced conference fee.

If you have questions about the grants, please send a message to:,
with the subject line “Magnonics2019 student grants”.